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Why BMG - Anonymous Gun Shop?

You can buy firearms online and You receive the package anonymously at your address(it can be any address) to the indicated GPS coordinates, place in the park, shopping center etc. Every delivery is 100% anonymous, secure and guaranteed.

Can I purchase firearms online without an FFL, permit, or license? Yes, you can buy firearms online without the need for a permit or license. Our online store allows for purchases without the need for any documentation, ensuring anonymity and convenience for our customers.

Your purchase will be shipped anonymously to your chosen address, which can be any location of your preference, including GPS coordinates, a park, shopping center, or any other designated location. This ensures a discreet and secure delivery process.


Buy Guns Anonymously With Cryptocurrency

 Our market offers a wide selection of shotguns, rifles, explosives, body armor, and air pistols of all types and calibers worldwide. We also provide a variety of recording accessories, sights, optics, sound moderators, and equipment. Whether you’re in a country with strict gun laws or simply prefer the convenience of online shopping, we offer firearms without the need for a permit or license. Enjoy anonymous, easy, and fast shopping with worldwide delivery while prioritizing your privacy.

Private, Fast And Secure

BMG – The Anonymous Gun Shop is committed to protecting your privacy, ensuring that all transactions are secure and anonymous. We offer an array of brand new firearms, all 100% free of gun oil, guaranteeing smooth customs clearance.

In our unique shipping process, handguns are disassembled and packaged inside power tool containers. Larger equipment like rifles are similarly disassembled and shipped in computer cases or other nondescript items.

Each purchase comes with comprehensive instructions for assembly and maintenance of your firearm. Given the public nature of our website, we maintain discretion and do not disclose packaging examples.

Every firearm purchase from our store includes a complimentary pack of at least 10 bullets. We prioritize customer convenience with secure, anonymous payment options.

We also feature a cashback rewards program that awards you with 10% of your purchase value. Additionally, by referring others to our store, you can earn a 3% commission on every purchase they make.

Choose BMG – The Anonymous Gun Shop for confidential, reliable firearm purchases

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