Explosive emulsion Senatel Powerfrag


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Explosive emulsion Senatel Powerfrag

Senatel™ Powerfrag™ packaged emulsion explosive is a
robust, high strength, detonator sensitive explosive. The
explosive is white in colour with a firm putty-like consistency.
Senatel™ Powerfrag™ is a water resistant packaged
explosive designed for priming applications, and as a medium
density column explosive, in surface and underground mining
and general blasting. The high detonation velocity and the
robust nature of Senatel™ Powerfrag™ make it a good primer
for the initiation of bulk Explosives.

Senatel™ Powerfrag™ delivers excellent fragmentation
with improved digability.
Post-blast fumes are reduced with Senatel™ Powerfrag™,
improving turnaround time in underground mines.
Senatel™ Powerfrag™ reduces the potential for sulphide
dust explosions.
Senatel™ Powerfrag™ is highly water resistant, which
minimises leaching and reduces environmental impact.
Occupational Health & Safety issues around the handling
and storage of nitroglycerin are eliminated.
Recommendations for Use
and give reliable initiation.
representative if application conditions are outside the specified
temperature range.
In small diameter blastholes the maximum energy per metre of
blasthole can be achieved by careful tamping the explosive with
a wooden tamping rod appropriate to the hole diameter. No
metal instrument should be used to tamp explosives. The primer
cartridge containing a detonator must not be tamped.
Sleep Time within Blastholes
In dry blastholes, given the explosives packaging is
undamaged; Senatel™ Powerfrag™ may be charged and fired
several months later. If the explosives packaging are damaged,
the sleep-time in a blasthole is influenced by the extent of
damage to the packaging and by the nature of any water
present. Even with full length slitting of cartridges, the explosive
will give good performance after two weeks immersion.
Blasthole Depth
Senatel™ Powerfrag™ is suitable for use in holes of any
practical depth providing contained water does not exceed
25 m depth. Packaging
Priming and Initiation
An Exel™ or i-kon™ detonator or detonator with minimum 0.6 g
PETN or a Cordtex™ detonating cord with minimum content of 12
g PETN/m can reliably initiate Senatel™ Powerfrag™. (mm)
Application Temperature
For reliable initiation of Senatel™ Powerfrag™ temperature
of the product should be minimun -30 °C and maximum +50
°C. If temperature of product and surroundings is lower than
-15 °C, the product may well be heated within the borehole.

Technical Properties
Senatel™ Powerfrag™
Density (g/cm 3 ) (1)
Hole Type Wet and dry
Typical Velocity of Detonation (m/s) (2)
Relative Weight Strength
Relative Bulk Strength
(REE) (3)
Heart of explosion (MJ/KG) 3500 – 5300
Gas volume (l/kg) 930
CO 2 (g/kg) (4) 184

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Comes packaged as a car repair kit.

Packaging 2 kg


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