Beretta 92 FS Inox


Beretta firearms are among the most popular in the world, and their handguns shine brightest in what is an undoubtedly impressive catalog. Some of their most popular semi-auto handguns are found in the 92 series. Production of these weapons began in 1972 and while they were impressive upon release, they have only been improved upon since.

Beretta 92 FS Inox $480.00

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Beretta 92 FS Inox

An Exclusive Series

The 92FS is a double/single-action semiauto pistol that employs an open-slide, short-recoil delayed locking-block system, which yields a faster cycle time and delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability. In particular, the open-slide design practically eliminates “stove-piping” and helps flawless cycling and feeding even after thousands and thousands of rounds.
Its reversible magazine release lets you use either hand for tactical magazine changes, while its ambidextrous safety-decocker makes it flexible for right- or left-handed persons or for shooters trying out different gripping or shooting styles. Its Bruniton finish is highly resistant to sweat and corrosion, and after shooting, a tool-free disassembly latch makes it a snap to take the pistol apart for cleaning.
The 92FS Inox offers all the features of the legendary 92FS (M9), the sidearm of the US military–coupled with the great looks and durability of a satin stainless finish. Check out the features that make it the choice of countless law-enforcement agencies as well as concealed-carry permit holders.
Action Single/Double
Barrel length (mm) 125
Barrel length (in) 4.9
Caliber 9×19 (PARA)
Historical N
Magazine 15
Overall height (mm) 137
Overall height (in) 5.4
Overall length (mm) 217
Overall length (in) 8.5
Overall width (mm) 38
Overall width (in) 1.5
SightRadiusIN 6.1
SightRadiusMM 155
Weight unloaded (g) 945
Weight unloaded (OZ) 33.3


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