CZ 75B Retro 9mm


The CZ 75B Retro is a nod to the legacy of the classic flagship model from CZ. This special run of 1,000 units will include a ‘Retro’ marked slide, ‘waffle’ style grips, ‘pre-B’ spur hammer, shortened dustcover and rounded trigger guard. Designed in 1975, the CZ 75B has remained staples in self-defense, police agencies and competition applications.

The 75B’s features are prototypical, at least externally: it uses a manual safety, external ring hammer, and has a 4.6 inch barrel. The magazines are steel with a plastic baseplate. The whole…

CZ 75B Retro 9mm $499.00

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CZ 75B Retro 9mm Pistol

CZ 75B Retro 9mm Pistol. Things have come a long way since the magazine capacity of a Browning Hi-Power was impressive. The era of finding “wonder nine” -style handguns particularly wonderful is over. Even the improvement of a double/single action mechanism seems to be less in vogue than in years past. No huge strides in innovation anymore, rather continual small steps of refinement that leave us with a market saturated with high-quality, reliable, affordable pistols.

What this should tell you is that, inevitably, quality designs from a bygone era have proven themselves timeless. People still shoot trapdoor rifles for purposeful, practical and sentimental reasons. Names, like Glock, ring out for a reason. And while it might be a little early to call the CZ-75 design ‘timeless’ (of all the guns of its generation) it may be the one that still sees the most popular use and iteration today.

In this review, I’ll be looking at the CZ-75B, a service version of the original CZ-75 still widely sold both to law enforcement, militaries, and civilians around the world.Overview

The CZ-75 lineage is broad. It sprouts from the original model into a tree of service pistols, specialized racing pistols, and lots in-between. The 75B model is very close to the original with a firing block safety pin. This is an old-school, steel frame handgun, weighing in at 2.2 pounds, featuring a double-action/single-action mechanism, manual safety, and a couple of 16 round magazines.


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