Springfield 1911, 9mm handgun


Springfield 1911, 9mm handgun $1,150.00

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Springfield 1911, 9mm handgun

If Goldilocks grew up and found herself on shiny side of a gun counter she would undoubtedly find the EMP®. Nestled between the full size 1911 and the 911, the patented EMP is just right. Reengineered around the 9mm cartridge, the Springfield Armory® Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP) translates the benefits of the full-size 1911 into a smaller platform perfectly suited for today’s most popular defense caliber. Easy carrying and smooth shooting, the EMP is built with a forged frame and slide to last a lifetime. To capitalize on the smaller caliber refinements, the EMP features a shortened frame and action compared to its full-size counterpart. The reduced grip radius produces a remarkably comfortable shooting experience and makes the pistol a concealable and confident side arm. Available only from Springfield Armory, the EMP strikes the perfect balance and delivers a 1911 that’s just right.


The forged steel slide of the EMP® is both rugged and practically indestructible, while a patented forged aluminum alloy frame keeps the gun lightweight and packable.


Extremely light and handy, the EMP is custom crafted for reliability, controllability and easy portage.


In a real defensive gunfight, nobody wishes they had less ammo. The EMP® comes standard with three 9-round magazines replete with slam pads.


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