Kalashnikov AK-15 Rifle 7.62x39mm


The 7.62 mm AK-15 is an assault rifle used by the special operations units of the Russian military and other law enforcement agencies.

The AK-15 is part of the Ratnik equipment kit.

This model is the pinnacle of AK system development, different from the previous generations by its elaborate ergonomics, all-day usability and increased accuracy and precision.

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Kalashnikov AK-15 Military

The Kalashnikov AK-15 Rifle 7.62x39mm is a new Russian assault rifle. It was developed under the Ratnik future infantrymen programme. This weapon was first publicly revealed in 2016. The AK-15 is mainly aimed at elite units of the Russian military and law enforcement forces, as well as possible export customers. It is planned that the AK-15 will replace in production an AK-103 assault rifle.

   The AK-15 is essentially a version of the AK-12, chambered for a 7.62×39 mm ammunition. This ammunition has superior penetration and stopping power comparing with the Soviet 5.45×39 mm ammunition, or standard NATO 5.56×45 mm ammunition. The 7.62×39 mm ammunition is still used by the Russian military and law enforcement forces and is widely used around the world. Some operators prefer this caliber. There were also plans to chamber the AK-15 for a standard NATO 7.62×51 mm ammunition. Also the new weapon is better balanced and has improved ergonomics.

   The AK-15 is a gas operated, selective fire weapon. Internally it follows the lines of the traditional Kalashnikov design. Several changes were made to the gas tube, foregrip, magazine well. It looks like this weapon has got a new barrel. It is expected to be simple, rugged and reliable weapon as its predecessors. However it is not a cutting-edge weapon in any way.

   The AK-15 has a cyclic rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute, which is 50 rounds faster than that of the AK-74M.

   A combined safety / fire mode selector lever is similar to that used on the AK-74 and earlier Kalashnikov assault rifles. It has three positions for “safe”, “semi-automatic”, and “fully-automatic”. However it uncomfortable to use and is not ambidextrous. Early prototypes of the AK-12 assault rifle had a new ambidextrous safety / fire mode selector switch, that could be operated by a thumb. However for some reason on later prototypes this arrangement was dropped in favor to traditional simple, reliable, but awkward fire mode selector.

   This weapon is fed from 30-round capacity magazines. It is compatible with the standard 30-round magazines, of AK-103 and AKM, as well as 40-round box and 75-round drum magazines of the RPK light machine gun.

   This assault rifle has a telescopic buttstock, which resembles that of the US M4 carbine. The buttstock can be adjusted for length. A new pistol grip is ergonomically-shaped.

   This Russian assault rifle comes as standard with simple iron sights. It also has a full-length Picatinny-type scope rail and can mount various scopes, red dot sights and night vision sights. Range of effective fire is around 500 meters. Maximum range is 800 meters. Even though the AK-15 has improved accuracy over the AKM and AK-103, it is not as accurate as the latest Western assault rifles.

   The AK-15 has an accessory rail on the foregrip and can mount vertical foregrip, tactical flashlight, laser pointer or other accessories. The assault rifle can also mount a knife-bayonet, silencer or GP-25/GP-34 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher.

   The AK-15 was introduced alongside some other Russian weapons, developed by Kalashnikov Concern, such as a new compact assault rifle, that is a proposed replacement for the AKS-74U and the RPK-16 light machine gun, a proposed replacement for the RPK-74.

Kalashnikov AK-15 Rifle 7.62x39mm Characteristics

Picatinny rail

On the receiver cover for the installation of collimator, optical and night sights


Magazine capacity, rounds


Point-blank range, m

Caliber, mm


Cartridge used


Weight (with empty magazine), kg


Overall length (with the buttstock unfolded), mm


Length with the buttstock folded, mm


Aiming range, m


Barrel length, mm


Length of the rifled barrel part, mm

no exact length given, ca. 367

Twist rate


Number of grooves


Bore lining

Chrome / 0.021 mm

Quick barrel replacement


Muzzle thread


Standard-issue muzzle device


Standard-issue silencer


Number of locking lugs


Operation type

Long stroke gas piston

Fire modes

Single / automatic, 2-shot bursts / full auto

Last round bolt hold open availability and location


Rate of fire


Iron sights type

Closed / diopter

Rear sight adjustment lines

8 and P

Mount for telescopic sights

Picatinny rails on the dust cover and upper handguard

Option to install clip-on telescopic sights


Mounts for additional equipment

Picatinny rails on the dust cover, below and on the sides (removable)

Trigger mechanism type

Single-action, hammer

Adjustable trigger pull weight, N


Safety switch

Single-side, right


Folding / polymer / adjustable

Optional bayonet


Standard-issue bipod


Cleaning rod

Yes / collapsible / in a buttstock container

Cleaning kit

Yes / in the pistol grip and the buttstock

Optional grenade launcher



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